Our fee structure is based on an assessment of time and the complexity of your personal circumstances & requirements. For example, whether or not you are a first-time buyer? Your application will be less complex if you already have an existing mortgage. Assessing the financial situation of an entrepreneur is also more complicated than someone who is employed. 
We will always be upfront on charges/ fees applicable and agree these with you before progressing any services.
The first consultation is free of charge, with no further obligation.

We begin our relationship with a no obligation and free of charge consultation.

During our discussion, we consider your personal circumstances holistically. We analyse your current financial situation and your goals and objectives taking into account your wishes, needs and your tolerance for risk?
Based on this information we begin to work out what your best options are. We consider various elements such as interest, fixed costs, expected return on investment and flexibility to achieve the best outcome at the lowest cost available. This is not just for your mortgage plan but also for any optional mortgage payment protection insurance that could be taken out, to cover any shortfall in income in the event of incapacity and/or the death of an insured wage earner(s).
On the basis of this analysis, we will evaluate the market and recommend a selection of suitable mortgage types. We will provide you with a summary, detailing:
  • Indication of the maximum mortgage loan amount available to you
  • Indication of the level of monthly mortgage repayment
  • Information on the different types of mortgages available
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Information relating to mandatory/optional insurances
  • Comparison of interest and premiums
We will also provide you with full disclosure on our fee structure for the advisory services provided.
During a face-to-face meeting, we will discuss our recommendation with you, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the different mortgage types, highlighting the risks, terms and conditions attached to each of these mortgage types. Of course, we will address and answer any questions you may have. 
You will also receive our advice in a written report.
Assuming you wish to proceed with our recommendation, we will continue to assist you with arranging your mortgage. We will make an application to the lender, which should result in an initial offer from them. We continue to assist you with the process all the way through to the completion of your property purchase.